Student Spotlight: February 2021 – Lucy

Meet Lucy! She has worked with both Emi and Matt, and has been making great strides in her playing. It has been a joy watching her improve, and finding out that she has a killer singing voice! We are very proud of her and her brother Finn, who has also been taking lessons with us since he was barely big enough to hold his ukulele. Read our interview with Lucy below!

Student Interview

How long have you been playing guitar?

    • About 3 years

Who’s your favorite artist?

    • Billie Eilish

What’s your favorite song to play?

    • Riptide by Vance Joy

What’s your favorite song to listen to?

    • Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Have you written any songs?

    • I’ve tried, but it doesn’t end well. It always either sounds like something that’s already popular or it sounds really bad.

What are your goals and ambitions as a musician?

    • I want to be able to sing and play in front of people.

Are you in a band?

    • No, but I would like to become a singer-songwriter!

What do you do when you’re not playing music?

    • I like to ski. I am on a ski team at Alyeska.

Do you play any instruments other than guitar?

    • I sing and play the cello.

Student Spotlight: January 2021 – Ax

Ax is a fun and kind-hearted student. He’s made so much progress over the past year and always laugh a lot during our lessons. Great work, Ax!
– Blaze Bell

Student Interview

How old are you?

    • 10

How long have you played the piano?

    • 1 year

What’s your favorite type of music?

    • Rap

How often do you practice?

    • Once a week

Do you play any other instruments?

    • Yes! Guitar

Student Spotlight: December 2020 – Ryan

Ryan is a true rock & roller! He has a passion for music that is centered around the guitar and loves all things rock. Ryan has gone from being a music appreciator to a true musician himself in a very short time. He continues to impress with his work ethic and ability. We interviewed Ryan recently to learn a little more about him. Check it out below!

Student Interview

How long have you been playing guitar?

    • Almost two years.

What’s the first song you learned on your guitar?

    • Hot-Cross Buns
    • Smoke on the Water
    • Wild thing

What are the most recent songs you’ve learned?

    • Panama
    • Black Hole Sun

What’s your favorite song to play?

    • Know Your Enemy (Rage Against the Machine)
    • Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)

Top 3 guitar players:

    • Tom Morello
    • Jimi Hendrix
    • The Dooo

Do you play any other instruments?

    • A little piano.

What song do you want to learn?

    • All Along the Watch Tower

What inspired you to play guitar?

    • I didn’t connect with music until I discovered rock (favorite genre).

How many guitars do you have?

    • 9

How often do you practice?

    • 5 hours daily, grab the guitar throughout the day.

Do you play in a band?

    • I wish!

One piece of advice for a guitar player? 

    • Don’t procrastinate alternate picking!