About Us

Welcome to Alpine Music Studios!

Our Mission is to provide the most well-rounded musical education in Alaska using one-on-one instruction, group collaboration, and real-world application.

Our Vision is an inspired community of homegrown performers, writers and rock stars who continue the tradition of musical excellence in Alaska.

Alpine Music Studios was founded in 2017 by longtime musician Matt Brenna. Matt set out to build not only a music school, but a home for students to grow and foster their musical ambitions. He wanted to create a space for learning and collaboration, guided by skilled instructors who shared a common vision. Emi Williams joined the team as an instructor in 2018 and became a co-owner in 2019. The pair has since worked together to grow the company into one of the most successful music schools in Alaska.

Our team consists of professional musicians whose individual styles blend to create the unique experience Alpine has to offer. Our primary focus is on individual and group lessons. We also offer recitals, seasonal programs, and studio recording services. Our students range from complete beginners to seasoned performers. No matter where you are in your musical journey, we are here to provide the inspiration and framework to reach the next level in your playing.

We strive to make learning fun for you and your family while providing first-rate musical instruction. To create an engaging and educational experience, our instructors develop personalized curriculum that combines the fundamentals of music with the goals and interests of each student.